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Transitioning VLAN and DHCP to Procurve 2920

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Transitioning VLAN and DHCP to Procurve 2920


Let me begin by saying I am really a novice at this. I took over at a job where the network was already good to go I just needed to handle the day to day and future projects. I didnt realize the way the network was set up would prevent some projects.

I am trying to put in a new transparent bridge Layer 2 filter. It needs to sit in this order:
The problem is that the firewall is handling VLAN and DHCP and the filter needs to be upstream of at least the VLAN trunk(otherwise it sees all traffic as Peer-2-Peer). So I need to move the VLAN trunk and maybe DHCP to the switch. It is an HP ProCurve 2920-48G. It says that it can operate Layer 3 and that beyond the 15.6 firmware update it an handle DHCP. The switch is still on the 15.11 release and when I try and upload the new version it says that there is a download already in progress.
I am new to this like I said so I see that VLAN is set up on the switch but I think as only a passtrough? How do I make it so that the trunk is on the switch? Also how do I get the software image to update?(I have tried the web interface and CLI)
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Re: Transitioning VLAN and DHCP to Procurve 2920

In regards to the firmware update , have you tried applying the update via the USB port on the switch?  You'll need to copy the latest firmware image to a flash drive and then run the following commands:


copy usb flash [imagename_verison.swi] primary

boot system flash primary

If that doesn't work, you can also do it via TFTP via the console port as well.