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Two vlans on same port

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Two vlans on same port

Hi everyone,


I have HP Procurve Switch E6600ml-24XG(J9265A).


I have two vlans 100 and 101 configured. An HPUX server is connected via port 1. This server has two virtual IP addresses, one for each vlan:

- -> vlan 100

- - > vlan 101


I need this server to accept packets from the two vlans so I tagged his port (1) in the two vlans but it failed.

it only works by untagging the port in a single vlan each time but not both, and this is the problem.


I resolved similar issue in brocade switch using IP Subnet-based Vlan, but I don't find this option in this switch.


Any idea how to make this work ?

Thank you!


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Re: Two vlans on same port

Hi mr_red,

It sounds like your server is set up using interface aliases instead of VLANs.  i.e. The addresses are both set up on the untagged VLAN.

The preferred way to fix this would be to change the server config so that at least one address is on a tagged VLAN interface.  You could have one VLAN untagged and one tagged, or both tagged - it makes no difference which from the switch's perspective.

See for information on how to do this on HP-UX.


Re: Two vlans on same port

Thank you paulgear!


I have already tagged the interfaces on both sides and it resolved the problem.