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Unable to set link speed

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Unable to set link speed

We've been using HP 2530 switches in front of our HA sonicwalls in order to split the incoming ISP service. Some of our ISPs hardware don't auto-neg properly and we have to statically set the port speed on the switch on the port the ISP comes in on. I had no issue doing this at another site, but for some reason the switches in use at the site I am currently setting up I am unable to set the port speed.  I get the following message when I try to set the port at 100-full..."Value 100-full is not applicable to port 10." I'm at a loss as to why it is preventing me from doing this when identical model switches had no issue at another location.

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Re: Unable to set link speed

Is there a firmware version difference between the switches?

does it accept auto-100? or 100Fdx? auto-1000? 1000Fdx? or any 10Mbps combination?

What are the ISP devices you are connecting to? Did you ask them to configure their interfaces properly so that auto-negotiation works?