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Unauthorized server

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Unauthorized server

At our branch offices we use a combo of Aruba and Procurve switches: Aruba S3500 as core switch and Procurve 2530/2910/2920 as access switches. We have enabled DHCP snooping on all the switches. On the access switches we often get the following message in the switch log:

W 06/01/16 10:06:36 00854 dhcp-snoop: backplane: Unauthorized server detected on port 51

Port 51 is the port connecting the access switch to the Aruba core switch.

Has anyone come across this? Usually when we find a rogue DHCP server it's an employee who has brought a home WiFi router to work and plugged it into an office network outlet, and then the router will get a regular IP address from our DHCP server.