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Understanding Running Config on HP 2530

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Occasional Advisor

Understanding Running Config on HP 2530

I have a 2530 switch and I've copied the running config straight from the CLI. I had a couple questions about the config.

1. I copied the startup and running config straight from the CLI. If something were to ever happen to this switch and I need to replace with a new switch could that copied text be loaded into the new switch? I assume this could be done using TFTP on these switches.

2. I'm now in the early stages of learning about switching and routing. While looking over the config file I'm not seeing that much information in the running configs. It looks to me like the person who installed them pretty much named them and set the IP information and that was it. By looking at this config can you see anything special that makes this switch antyhing other than out of the box?

Startup configuration: 11

; J9772A Configuration Editor; Created on release #YA.15.10.0003
; Ver #03:03.17.27:30
hostname "Radio Network"
timesync sntp
sntp unicast
sntp server priority 1 172.**.**.**
no stack
time daylight-time-rule continental-us-and-canada
ip default-gateway 172.**.**.**
ip timep manual 172.**.**.**
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
snmp-server contact "Administrator" location "Office"
vlan 1
untagged 1-52
ip address 172.**.**.**


3. Given the config above anm I to assume that there are no VLAN's setup with this switch? I saw something online earlier about the default setting for HP switches were that all ports were on vlan 1 by default unless you went in and added more vlans.


Sorry for the questions, these are probably very simple questions, but as I said before I'm still trying to learn these switches. I'm in the process of reading through the user guide for this model but so far nothing interesting. 




Re: Understanding Running Config on HP 2530

Hi there,

you don't have things like passwords in the config file when you just copy it, but they can be shown with the "include-credentials" command. Other than that I think everything should be in there.
You are right, this config is nearly empty. Just a name, IP and a time server are configured.
All ports are in VLAN 1, you can see that by 

vlan 1
untagged 1-52

Occasional Advisor

Re: Understanding Running Config on HP 2530

I'll run that command to get the password information as well. But like I said I'm new to this. I wanted to make sure that if I ever had a switch to go down that I knew what the config was to set up the next one, but like you said this looks to be a bare bones config with only the basics set up.