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Untagged traffic on trunk ports ?

Occasional Contributor

Untagged traffic on trunk ports ?

Hi guys !

Fist of all - Hi everyone - this is my firt post here :) I'm a little new in the VLAN's area an have a few questions...

I want to have three VLANS's:

1 - management (native) vlan

10 - staff vlan

20 - student's & guest vlans

I've read about VLAN tagging, and in theory I can set up everything but I have one place where there's an AP with two ethernet ports, one is connected to a staff computer,


Is it possible for the HP Procurve 2530 switch to carry tagged & untagged traffic on specific ports ? If or example I set up port as trunk, can make it carry untagged traffic from specific lan ? Is that possible at all ?

I want this computer to be in VLAN 10 (staff vlan), and the AP that it's connected through (UAP AP Pro), is just a passthrough port...

Here's how it looks like... Right now it's all fine, but AP will receive tagged traffic from the switch, and the PC that's behind it ?

I would really appreciate if someone explained to me or linked to some topic... (I coudn't find anything ;((( )