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Upgrading Core Switches Question

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Upgrading Core Switches Question

Just got a bunch of new 3800 and 8206 switches to upgrade from 5300 and 5400's. 


Can we just import the configs from the 5300/5400s into the new 3800/8206s??



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Re: Upgrading Core Switches Question

Hi lehmanp,


Short answer: no - the port numbers on your switches will be different


Longer answer: you can probably make it work by downloading your current switch's configurations, editing them to show the correct port numbers, then uploading those configs to your new switches.  This should be done well ahead of time and tested thoroughly in your test environment.

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Re: Upgrading Core Switches Question

You can certainly use your old switch configs as a pretty solid foundation. I have done migrations from 5300 switches to new ProCurve switches, and whilst many of the commands will be the same, there will always be some differences. Port ID/numbers are the obvious difference like Paul says.


If you get your new kit in advance, you can preconfigure them using the settings from the existing equipment. It will also be a good opportunity to review the configs and plan to remove unused or obsolete items, entries, etc.