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Upgrading firmware HP5406

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Upgrading firmware HP5406

I'm looking to upgrade the firmware on several HP5406 switches to version K.16.02.0017.

There are a variety of current firmware versions on them - the oldest of which is K14.34 (BootROM = K12.20)

Just looking at the release notes for K16.02.0017 (page 28) it implies I can go straight to this version (even from K14.34) - see below in italics - however on other parts of HPE website it seems to contradict this saying I would require several steps to get to there. Can anyone give me a definitive answer


K.13.58 or newer (BootROM K.12.17 or newer; use show flash command)   -  Update directly into software version K.16.02.0017 (BootROM K.15.30)


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Re: Upgrading firmware HP5406

As stated on cited Release Notes since your BootROM version is newer than reported one (K.12.17, as minimum to avoid a stepped upgrade. Your switch has BootROM K.12.20), said so you should be able to go straight from the software version your Switch is currently running (K.14.34.xxxx) to the latest currently available of K.16.02 branch (which is K.16.02.0017). In any case a BootROM upgrade will happen.

Refer to HPE ArubaOS-Switch Basic Operation Guide for 16.02 (or 16.03) "Managing switch software" chapter for best practices, guidelines (particularly the "Alternate configuration files" section) and restrictions.

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