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Usb Console Driver for Windows 10

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Usb Console Driver for Windows 10

Hello everyone,


I'm looking for the Usb Console DRIVER for Windows 10, to get access to HP Aruba 2930F switchs,

Could you please tell where can I find it ? it's been several days that i'm looking for it.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Usb Console Driver for Windows 10

Hi again, 

I just found the driver, it has nothing to do with the device, it' only related to the cable  

Here is the link if it could help:

ADMIN Note: Broken link removed]

Alternate link:




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Mark Wibaux
Trusted Contributor

Re: Usb Console Driver for Windows 10

This is the link to the HPE download for the USB driver

Yes it is dated 2013 but I've not had any trouble with it on Windows 10.

Additionally, if your machine is online at the time, you should be able to get Windows to download the driver through Windows Update when you connect to a switch for the first time. 

I would suggest you get the above download as it also has the registry change required to stop the drive creating a new serial port for every switch you connect. With the reg change made (and a reboot), windows will keep reusing the Serial port number you first get when you swap from switch to switch.