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Use GVRP or Not !!

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Use GVRP or Not !!


I mainly have Cisco switches and we are now starting to implement HP. In Cisco - we have VTP running and they replicate vlans to all cisco switches.

Just wondering your thoughts in implementing GVRP. Do I need to? What is HP version of VTP or code 16 and above?

I have heard that best practice is to create vlans on every switch - on needed basis. Is this a best practice? Do you agree.

So if I have let's say 3 HP switches and I need 5 vlans going to them - I would need to create 5 vlans on each switch. Am I understanding this correctly?







Richard Litchfield
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Re: Use GVRP or Not !!

GVRP (now MVRP) is a standard, VTP is proprietary. They are also not equivalent, but they are analogous.

I use GVRP all the time, but it may not be for everybody.

See my post on Airheads: