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Re: Using Cisco AP with HP2920 POE switch

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Using Cisco AP with HP2920 POE switch

I have an HP 2920-48G-POE+ that I am trying to use to power a Aironet 1140 series AP.  The AP is running our native VLAN 1 and our gest VLAN 100. The problem I have is the trunking on the switch. 

There are three options, no trunking, tunking or LACP. I don't believe I need LACP since I am not aggregating the ports. If I enable trunking and put VLAN1 untagged with VLAN100 tagged into trk1 I kill the switch. As soon as I have live traffic on a link with trunking I lose management to the switch. Traffic continues to pass slowly through on the other ports but switch does not respond to ping or gui. I assume it is pegging out the CPU. This happens even when I try to trunk to my Dell switches.

To connect the AP should I leave the trunking off and just mark the port itself with with VLAN1 untagged and VLAN100 tagged? I have not tried that yet, I need to wait untill I can set another maintenance window with my users. 

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Using Cisco AP with HP2920 POE switch


Short answer - Yes, vlan 1 untagged - vlan 100 tagged - no trunk.

Longer answer

Once upon a time "trunking", and this is according to the IETF IIRC, was the aggregation of physical links bonded together. This is the naming convention that HP now HPE adopted. Adding multiple vlans to a link and using "tagged" and "untagged" did not make a trunk.

Other vendors, notably Cisco, decided that "VLAN trunking" was the use of multiple vlans on a single link and aggregation of physical links was to be called an "etherchannel".

I tend to call any kind of link aggregation a "LAGG" these days as everyone gets that.

You will see port-channel interfaces in Cisco IOS, bagg and ragg in Comware and trk in AOS/Procurve

Aruba-OS / Procurve - on this platform trunks are aggregates - just add the port to vlans as a combo of tagged and untagged for the equivalent of a "trunk" on every other platform.  :-)

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