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VLAN IP Addressing / DHCP Relay

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VLAN IP Addressing / DHCP Relay



i have a Pro Curve 2810-48G swtich and i am trying to separate mobile phone wifi traffic and laptop wifi traffic.


the way i plan to do this is via an access point which supports multiple SSIDs and assign VLans to the SSIDs


i will have 


SSID 1 - VLAN1 (Default) - for wireless laptops and desktops

SSID2 - VLAN2 (WIFI) - for wireless mobiles phones / tablets / BYOD


on the switch i have tagged ports 22 and 24 for both V LAN 1 and 2 as these are ports that the Access points will patch into? - is this correct or should the ports only be tagged into VLAN 2

as the access point will have both mobile devices ( VLAN2) and laptops (VLAN1) i have tagged the ports under both VLANS


the next question is do i need to assign an IP address to VLAN 2. the VLAN1 ip address is the current swtich address before VLANS were configured.


and finally how do i go about DHCP for v lan 2?

currently DHCP server has scope which is on VLAN1

i would create another scope which would be assigned to to any device connecting on VLAN2 but how do i configure this on the switch. i have tried the IP Helper address but i do not think the swtich supports it as its a layer 2 switch?


DHCP is a Windows 2003 server


any help would be greatful..


current running config below..




ProCurve Switch 2810-48G# show run

Running configuration:

; J9022A Configuration Editor; Created on release #N.11.25

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2810-48G"
vlan 1
untagged 1-21,23,25-48
ip address
tagged 22,24
vlan 2
name "Wifi"
tagged 22,24



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Re: VLAN IP Addressing / DHCP Relay

Yes, you tag both VLANs  on the switchports linking to the APs, and on the APs you tag both VLANs on the interfaces going to the switchports.


Yes you need an address on the switch VLAN2 interface.


Yes you need an IP helper on the VLAN2 interface.