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VLAN help with 2520G and latest software/firmware (J.15.09.0027)

Occasional Collector

VLAN help with 2520G and latest software/firmware (J.15.09.0027)

Hello Community,

I'm quite new to the whole networking thing and I could use some help with setting up VLANs. Here's the scenario:

I want to separate the intranet from the guestnetwork. The guestnetwork will be WiFi only and will be created from an AP that also creates a WiFi for employees. I already set up the AP with 2 separate VLANs: ID 1 and 2 for intranet and guest. The AP is on Port 19 and Port 20 is connected to the router.

I tried this with an old Netgear switch with the same scenario on a another network and it worked quite alright. What I did was to create 2 VLANs on the switch and tagged the port that the are connected with the AP and the router. All other devices that are connected by wire to the switch automatically get the VLAN ID 1 for intranet.

On the HP switch I'm really having trouble to set up the VLANs. What kind of VLAN type do I have to use? Port based or protocol based? How do I change the type of VLAN? I cannot find a setting in the Webinterface to change that. How do I configure the switch so that all unttaged packets that arrive on Ports 1-18 automatically get the VLAN ID 1 and are part of the intranet?

I already tried to search the internet for help but I can't find posts or articels that help me. All the posts I read are with the old webinterface and it seems as if HP changed a few things on the VLAN setting pages with the upgrade.

I hope that somebody can help me and point me in the right direction.

Thank you.