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VLAN questions

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VLAN questions



As I just recently did CCNA, I just started using this knowledge in my job.


There are some VLAN questions I'm not too sure about and as I'm hoping to learn all about this I hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction.


The situation is that my network consists of 9 VLANs.

VLAN 11 is used for wifi acces-points (Ubiquiti Unify 2.4/5 GHz. AP's)

VLAN 6 is used for wireless telephony using the WIFI network

VLAN 7 is used for video surveillance using wireless camera's so also using the WIFI network

VLAN 99 is used for management purposes which we also do over the wifi network.

The other VLANs are not wireless so oppose no problem for me.


So putting the wifi accesspoints in VLAN 11 is of course no problem. What I'm not sure about is this;

for VLAN 6, 7 and 99 3 different SSID's are made in the wifi AP's with the corresponding VLANs added to this SSID.

So, for ports in VLAN 11, do I also need to tag VLAN 6, 7 and 99??


So excuse me if this is a stupid question but I'm trying to get a hold of the whole concept which is a bit more difficult than I anticipated when I started working on this.





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Re: VLAN questions

Multiple SSIDs has a large effect on wireless performance and should be avoided.


If you are trying to bridge a VLAN out to a wireless network, then yes, you need to tag the port the WAP is patched to with all the relevant VLANs that the WAP thinks it is on.