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VLANs 2510 <=> 1910

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VLANs 2510 <=> 1910

Hi. I tried to link a V1910-48G switch to existing VLAN infrastructure. On another side is 2510-24G switch.

So, when I try to set up tagged VLANs on both sides, it just doesn't work and a link is broken.

Part of 2510 config, where port 11 is downlink to V1910:

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 8,13-18,24
   ip address dhcp-bootp
   tagged 9-11
   no untagged 1-7,12,19-23

Config of V1910 (it has no CLI), port 48 is uplink to 2510

VLAN Summary
 ID:1  Description: DEFAULT_VLAN  Untagged Membership: GE1/0/1  Tagged Membership: GE1/0/48


Any ideas why it doesn't work ?

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Re: VLANs 2510 <=> 1910

What do you mean specifically by "the link is broken"?


When implementing a new link, I do the following, in order:


 - Do you get a link light?


 - Does lldp show a neighbour?


 - Can they ping each other?


Change both ports to "untagged", see what happens.


If you're not even getting a link light, you might have a faulty cable, the cable polarity might be wrong (if fibre), the transceivers might be wrong (check the log when inserting them), the ports might be nailed to MDI/MDIX, the ports might be nailed to different speeds.

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Re: VLANs 2510 <=> 1910


No, I mean "logical link", physical link is OK.

When both ports are untagged and belong to only default vlan (so, "1"), everything is OK.