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VLANs with 3 HP 2910

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VLANs with 3 HP 2910



I'm planning to configure 6 VLANs with 3 HP 2910.

All of this have to be internet capable trough  a firewall and not meant to communicate between each other.

Is this possible? if this is, is this so difficult?


Where can I find a guide or something to walk me trough the correct steps.


BTW my experience in VLANs is zero.


Thanks in advance

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Re: VLANs with 3 HP 2910

Hi arnau123,


What you are wanting to achieve is possible, but one thing that you need to decide is where you are going to route your traffic. If you are going to use your firewall, then do you have a multi-interfaced firewall (one interface for each VLAN) or are you going to be setting up sub-interfaces on a single interface and restricting access between (sub-)interfaces with firewall rules? Or were you thinking of using the Layer3 capabilities of one of the 2910 switches to route traffic and then use ACLs to restrict traffic between VLANs?


Let us know what you are able to achieve with your firewall and we can move on from there.


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