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VLan Routing Issue and Hp e3800

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VLan Routing Issue and Hp e3800

Have a multi site Business park with four buildings Main building has a HP E3800 configured with approximately 30 Vlans, the remote buildings have Aruba 2910 switches, my issue is I can ping any device on the network if I'm directly connected to the E3800 via the Console port but if I try and connect to any of the VLANS and try and ping the Firewall I dont get any response, Each Vlan need to be isolated so no one can see each other as they are all different companies - I'm missing something but not sure, I have pasted a couple of the config lines from the main Core switch below if any one could advise would be much appreciated

ip route 31.25.5.*
ip router-id
ip routing

vlan 1
name "Management"
no untagged 1-11,47-48
untagged 12-46,49-52
ip address

vlan 526
name "VLAN526"
tagged 49-51
ip address 37.72.119.*

vlan 999
name "VLAN999"
ip address 31.25.5.*
password manager

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Re: VLan Routing Issue and Hp e3800



Resolved, re-programmed the switch to a layer 2 configuration and Programmed the firewall to manage the Vlan's. The previous config of Layer 3 was to be inline with what the client already had so changed it to a better configuration.