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VSF behavior - 2930F - Daisy chain - Center switch fails

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VSF behavior - 2930F - Daisy chain - Center switch fails

Hi all,


I'm designing a network for one of my customer and wondering what teh behavior of VSF switches would be in a particular situation :

- 2 "core" 5406R in a VSF stack

- 3 "access" 2930F in a VSF stack, daisy chain topology

- the 2930F at one end of the access stack is uplinked to the first 5406R and the 2930F at the other end to the second 5406R

--> What happens if the center 2930F fails ?

- Does LLDP-MAD deactivates one of the two last 2930F alive ?

- Or is it possible to have an intentional split-brain scenario as long as the two 2930F are not connected directly through the stack anymore ?


I know the question is disturbing, but it could help me solve issues with fiber topology and distances... (not able to loop the stack due to distances).





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Re: VSF behavior - 2930F - Daisy chain - Center switch fails

First a question: since LLDP MAD method requires a peer switch (the so called "assist" device), which switch is actually your MAD peer?

For sure a VSF Stack made of three Aruba 2930F connected using Chain Topology will cause a Stack split once a VSF link goes down.

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