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Virtual Connect and ProCurve 3500 (core)

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Virtual Connect and ProCurve 3500 (core)

Hi everyone.

I have one question , about configuration.

I need to connect my C7000 with Flex-10 net module (VC4.5) to our Core Switch . I have SFP+-SFP+ 10GB DAC cables for this. Now I've conected module A (X2) to Port A1 on 3500 and module B (X2) to A2 on 3500.

I created Trunk Trk1 (A1-A2) LACP but after execute command on CoreSwirch sh lacp

I have

PL100NCORESW01# sh lacp

LACP Trunk Port LACP Admin Oper
Port Enabled Group Status Partner Status Key Key
----- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------ ------
A1 Active Trk1 Up Yes Success 0 290
A2 Active Trk1 Blocked Yes Failure 0 290


A2 is failure.

Do I need create LACP if I have only one cable per module ?

I found lot of config examples but always with multiple cables per module, so trunks were created per module

Can you help me , how to config our coreswitch for this ?. 

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Re: Virtual Connect and ProCurve 3500 (core)

You can't create lacp trunk between 2 different VC modules only on same VC

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