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Vlan Aruba

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Vlan Aruba



Est-il possible de créer un VLAN avec différent sous réseau ?

Par exemple

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Is it possible to create a VLAN with different subnet?

For example

Vlan 1     Ports 1-10

Vlan 2     Ports 11-20



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Re: Vlan Aruba


In order to provide you a more precise answer it would be good if you can provide the exact model of the Aruba switch. Different models can have different capabilites. 

Also it is not getting clear if the switch should be working as a router between this subnets (inter VLAN routing) or it should only provide the Layer 2 separation between the VLANs and another device will do the routing.  Some models dont support inter VLAN routing and the configuration is different depending on what you want to achieve. Inter VLAN routing requires the switch to have IP addresses in every VLAN which should be configured as default gateway on the clients (statically or via DHCP)

Another thing I notice in the example you have given.

Vlan 1     Ports 1-10

Vlan 2     Ports 11-20

You are using addresses in the private range however you are using different length of subnet masks, /24 for VLAN 1 and /16 for VLAN 2.  This can create issues with overlapping addresses.  Every host uses its own subnet mask to determine if a peer host is in the same subnet or not.  If host  from VLAN wants to talk to peer host 192.168.1. 10 from VLAN 10 for example, it will apply its own mask /16 to the destination address and wrongly believe that the peer is in the same subnet because the first 2 octets of the address match. In order to avoid confusion you should use masks of the same lenght.

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