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Vlan configuration; J9773A & J9775A


Vlan configuration; J9773A & J9775A


First of all, I want to let you know that I am new in networking and never used HP/Aruba before. And this is my chance to get started and learn something new for myself, and your help will be VERY much APPRECIATED.

So, I need help with configuring vlans for network, consisting with 1 MSR958 Router (JH300A) , 3 HP 2530-24G-PoEP (J9773A) and 3 HP 2530-48G (J9775A). Plus Aruba Virtual Controller Access Point with 14 APs. (Diagram Attached)

This is what I imagine, vlans should be:
1. Management
2. Staff
3. Guest - with no access to any network, only for Internet browsing.
4. Technical - No internet, closed vlan, only for devices that will be inside it.

And I do not have ethernet cable everywhere, so I am hoping to use WiFi where needed, if possible.

Thank you :)

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Re: Vlan configuration; J9773A & J9775A

Looks all good, what is the question?