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Vlans are not working

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Vlans are not working

Hi to all,

I have Fortigate 200E and 5 Aruba 2530 and I setup VLANs but I can't work with them.

in the FortiGate, I set the interface as Link Aggregate and under him set-up 5 VLANs.

in the switches, I set port 23-24 as trunk and LACP, after it I set-up the VLANs name and assign them the IP address and netmask.

when I go to the "VLAN port assignment" and I change the TRK 1 to tagged all my network go down.

what I doing wrong???

in this link you have screenshots of the settings:

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Re: Vlans are not working

Try [*] to leave Trk1 untagged member of VLAN 1 (default VLAN)....I noticed you tagged it also on that VLAN.

Trk1 tagged in all other remaining VLAN looks OK.

[*] Consider thst, on Fortigate, it is not totally clear to me the tagging of created VLANs from the tiny screenshot (my take: VLAN 1 is untagged, all others are tagged on the LACP aggregate made of Port 1+2).

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