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WAP Control with J9772A (2530)

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WAP Control with J9772A (2530)

Hello All,

Before I purchased my J9772A (2530) Switch, I remember reading that with certain WAPs, I wouldn't need a Stand Alone Solution, that the 2530 could control the Wireless Access Points. Now I can't seem to find anything relating to the subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Re: WAP Control with J9772A (2530)


The Aruba 2530 switch cannot control any APs.  You cannot use the switch to configure and manage APs. 

The switch has some features which simplify and automate the configuration of port settings for Aruba APs. For example the switch can detect via LLDP that an Aruba AP was attached to a port and automatically apply to this port a device profile containing preconfigured settings for VLANs, PoE, bandwidth limitations, QoS etc.

For more details you can have a look at Chapter 18 Simplifying Wireless and IoT Deployments. on page 401



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