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Web Interface Help

New Member

Web Interface Help

Our company has a number of 2810-48g Switches and we noticed that there seems to be a convenient way of altering the configuration of these switches via a web interface accessible by IP.

Only problem is that the changes we seek to affect don't ever really seem to happen. For example, if you go to the web interface and click the configuration tab, you see the list of ports there with the option to select/deselect and enable/disable. Clicking these does nothing. On any of our switches it appears.

I called HP and they told me that most changes can only be done by command line so I guess these little disable/enable buttons are just there to look pretty?

Does anyone know a way to get the web interface to work the way it seems it should? I've noticed it only works on Internet Explorer for me, not on Chrome or Edge. I also have version 11. My java is at current 8 update 91.

Any help would be appreciated

Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: Web Interface Help

Make sure you have logged in as administrator. In my K 16.02 series GUI, that is in the top right.