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What does LLDP tagging do, exactly?

Occasional Contributor

What does LLDP tagging do, exactly?

What does LLDP tagging do, exactly?  There is a definition on the site that explains it like this. 

LLDP can also be used to communicate with a virtual switch in the hypervisor through the use of tagged LLDP frames on downlink ports. The tagged frame contains the VLAN ID that identifies the subport of the configured FlexNIC. This information is used to build the network topology.

So if I understand it right, tagging occurs between the HP switch and the host FlexNIC.  The FlexNIC internally maps the LLDP frame tagged with a specific VLAN to a specific sub-port in the FlexNIC. Is that right?  Therefore, all it's doing is enabling LLDP communication between the sub ports of the Flex card with the HP switch.  Does that sound right?  Please let me know if I have something wrong here.