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What is HPE 2530 switches OS based on?

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What is HPE 2530 switches OS based on?

I was tasked with mapping company wide networks, like identifying active ports on network devices, find their function and also to identify the running OS on all our network devices from servers to industrial switches and everything inbetween.

I'm aware that there is HP ArubaOS and then there is the firmware versioning like for example: YA.16.03.0003.
But I want to know what HP ArubaOS is based on, running multiple network scanners and all arrows points to something linux based like FreeBSD.

So what is HPE 2530 switches OS based on?

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Re: What is HP 2530 switches OS based on?

Hi! ArubaOS-Switch (the rebranded name of the well known and historical HP ProVision OS) is a Network Operating's a custom OS developed to control HP/HPE/Aruba ProVision ASICS. IMHO I don't believe it's based on any form of embedded Linux, for sure it's proprietary code written specifically to address and leverage their Switch's ASICs features.

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