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Which is the correct firmware to update to

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Which is the correct firmware to update to



I am looking to update the firmware on our HP 2530-24G Switches (J9776A). I am fine with the process however I am a little perplexed as to which firmware version I should be updating to.


YA.15.17.0008 is displaying at the top of the list with a build date of 24-Aug-2015 however I also see YA.15.18.0006 which has a build date of 12-Aug-2015.


This is very confusing because obviously going off of the dates, then YA.15.17.0008 is the latest, however going off of the naming convention, YA.15.18.0006 is the latest.


If somebody could clear this up for me then I would be very greatful.





Michael Patmon
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Re: Which is the correct firmware to update to

Hello.  I agree, that a little confusing.  15.18 is the most current branch of code and has the latest features.  YA.15.17.0008 is the previously released branched but that particular build was just built more recently.  If you're looking to jump to the latest that is 15.18, but if you're on 15..17 already and just want a particular bug fix that is available also.