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WiFi connectivity unstable

New Member

WiFi connectivity unstable

Hi everybody,

I have a connectivity issue on my WiFi network, the infrastructure is composed by:

N°2 5412 as coreswitch

N°1 MSM765 as WLC (Software version:

N°31 E-MSM430

All wifi clients reports connectivity issue (loss of packets, big latency etc).

I made a survey and I find that the signal strength is very good also when the problem appear (noise -95db, SNR is 40db). The signal, quality and data rate also are stable.


I checked WLC logs and statistics and I not find any information that can help me to troubleshoot.

On the core switch all ports statistic are clear.

The only errors I find are under the WLC and APs ports statistics.

Under the WLC there are some error on "Controller data tunnel" port (on TX)

Under the APs there are a lot of drop & error under the "Wireless port 1" , "Wireless port 2" and "Controller data tunnel" (all under TX).