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XRRP Newbie

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XRRP Newbie

Hi All,

It is my first time configuring HP Procurve switches as we have recently taken on a new customer who have these. 

They have 2 HP 5406ZL.

We have currently setup 6 VLANs and will be using these switches as our Layer3 Routing Devices / Default gateway for our network.

My questions are can we setup XRRP to have one single virtual IP which will then act as both switches, therefore in the event of one failing it will automatically use the other. 

If this is the case can we use this to load balance traffic by just setting one default gateway on the clients.

My real confusion is say i have switch1 - xrrp ip and switch2 - xrrp ip if my clients are pointing at and the switch fails does the xrrp configuration mean that traffic to will automatically be routed by instead?

Sorry if this sounds stupid.

Thanks for your help.



Re: XRRP Newbie

I don not think XRRP is an option on these devices, but to confiure VRRP you can refer to chapter 14 in the below mentioned link.

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Re: XRRP Newbie

I have attached a really quick basic diagram of our network.

What we are trying to achieve is redundancy and also if possible load balance between the routers.

Could anyone advise on the best way to do this.

Thanks for all your help

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Re: XRRP Newbie

Like KSHKND said before, VRRP would be your choice. Configure one IP address for each Switch in each VLAN, then configure the VRRP domain and a VRRP IP address in each VLAN. Set the default gateway of the clients to the VRRP IP and you should be all set.

Don't forget to activate routing and configure the routes on both switches.

Refer to the link in KSHKND post for more information.