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activate spanning-tree cause telnet shutdown

Occasional Contributor

activate spanning-tree cause telnet shutdown

I have some HP switchs (2610 for example) to remotely manage, and I would like to activate spanning-tree on each of them.

as i'm not on site, I wanted to do it with telnet, but for the first switch, when I enabled spanning-tree, my telnet session shut down and I had to reboot (someone locally do it for me) the switch to recover his old configuration.

Maybe I afraid about this, but is there any minutes for spanning-tree scan all ports of the switch and that's why I lost my connection ? Maybe if I waited for some minutes, I should reconnect to it with telnet.

I thought this evening I should plan an reboot for the switch, and before it I could enable spanning-tree to check my idea..


Occasional Contributor

Re: activate spanning-tree cause telnet shutdown

I found my solution.

On all switches (6), only 3 don't have STP enabled, but I had to enable STP on the first SW and after enable on others switches...