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aruba iap 305 series

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aruba iap 305 series



i do have eleven aruba ap ia connect thes to hpe 1820 switch. Default vlan1 is for student network and management vlan is 20,this is also network to embloyers.i when hpe switch port configured vlan is vlan1 untagged and vlan20 tagged. it will delivered "school" wlan right but If i change vlan 1 to tagged and vlan20 to untagged. Then aruba ap will distribute ip-address from vlan20 network to "school"-wlan. even if i go and say aruba virtular controller that this "shcool"-network use vlan1. why it behaves like that ? Do i have to delete "shool" -wlan network and configure again or how what?i want to use management vlan20 because otherwise i have to go in place every time i want to make changes. Thanks for the help


Re: aruba iap 305 series

This is expected behavior. Aruba IAPs use VLAN 1 as their native VLAN and which means it is untagged. That means if you have set the client VLAN assignment in the IAP to default or to static in  VLAN 1 the wireless traffic will be sent out the IAP port without a VLAN tag. If the untagged VLAN of the switch is VLAN 20, this means that the wireless traffic will be forwarded in the VLAN 20 which happens to be your management VLAN. 

Keep in mind that the switch cannot recognize the VLAN assignment on the IAP AP because the traffic is untagged.  If the switch sees an untagged frame it will assign it to its own untagged VLAN. If this is not VLAN 1 you have a VLAN mismatch.

Maybe you can try to use a different VLAN ID (other than 1) for the students WLAN. If you specify this non-default VLAN ID in Client VLAN assignment on the IAP and configure the switch port as tagged member of this VLAN, this should be working because the AP will be sending the students traffic with a VLAN tag which can be recognized by the switch.

Another way to to try to make VLAN 1 tagged on the Aruba IAP. As far as I can see they dont recommend this but it should be possible to do it.

If you have troubles with making VLAN 1 tagged on the IAP, maybe it would be better if you post a question in  (Airheads communuty) because this is the community responsible for Aruba wireless products.




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