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bpdu-protection + admin-edge-port

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bpdu-protection + admin-edge-port


I configured my switch with admin-edge-port + bpdu-protection in all access ports.


spanning-tree 40 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree 40 bpdu-protection
spanning-tree 41 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree 41 bpdu-protection
spanning-tree 42 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree 42 bpdu-protection


When I do show running-config, appears, in the active ports this:

spanning-tree instance ist 8 path-cost 200000
spanning-tree instance ist 9 path-cost 200000

Why appears this in the running-config?
I think that must appears in the configuration of spanning-tree.

Now with switch configured, if I connect a PC in any port of switch, this port don't appears in running-config with path-cost. Then, I think line "spanning-tree instance ist 8 path-cost 200000" is a permanent cofiguration of port. Is correct?

I can't eliminate those lines with "no spanning-tree instance ist 8 path-cost 2000000". Only I eliminate the value of path-cost with "spanning-tree instance ist all path-cost auto" command. Then, disappears tha lines "spanning-tree instance ist 8 path-cost 200000".

Is this the correct configuration of RSTP in switch?


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Re: bpdu-protection + admin-edge-port

Seems to me like you're running spanning-tree in MST mode, not RSTP.
And you have 2 instances , named 8 and 9 , defined