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enable spanning-tree without add bpdu protection

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enable spanning-tree without add bpdu protection


I've just enable spanning-tree on my switches, and add this parameter : bpdu-protection-timeout 60 & I enable RSTP version.

This is just what I did.

So if I'm not mistaken, automatically, the switch detect if it needs to enable edge or not to a port (If there is an switch connected to a port, the edge is not enable).

So my question is do I need to manually enable on each port "bpdu-protection" and "admin-edge-port" on those where I have computers connected..?

As I understand these 2 options is to secure at a better level the setup and alert the network admin if someone plug an swich (stp) on an edge port, right?

If I only enable Spanning-tree, does it prevent against loop ?


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Re: enable spanning-tree without add bpdu protection

Some people are content simply enabling STP.

admin-edge-port on your access ports is a good idea, the port will come up more quickly - not so important for PCs, but definitely a very good idea for IP phones.

BPDU protection is good on all access ports, or you could enable BPDU filtering instead

You should also configure loop-protect on all access ports, to guard against loops that are occurring outside your spanning-tree, eg somebody creates a loop on an unmanaged switch that they've connected to one of your access ports.

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Re: enable spanning-tree without add bpdu protection

Can you confirm please this :

By default If I only enable STP, the switch makes the ports automatically in Edge or not.
But, doest it protect my network against loop or not?

If Not, I will have to edit my ports & enable more options like bpdu etc..

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Re: enable spanning-tree without add bpdu protection

Yes, turning on STP will protect you from any loops that occur locally on any of your switches.

Switchports that don't see any BPDUs for 3 seconds will put themselves in auto-edge mode.
You can manually set all your access switchports to admin-edge-port so they don't wait 3 seconds before coming up.

BPDU protection/filtering are useful to protect your STP topology from being changed by unauthorised devices.
Loop-protection is useful to protect your network from loops that are created on devices outside your STP topology.