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hp solution Help

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hp solution Help

I have HP 2920 core switch and HP 2530 Distribution Sw and HP 1920 Access Sw I Created  10 Vlans and configure windows server 2012 DHCP and Different scopes and  configure Valn on HP 2920 and configure ip helper address and configure Port 24 Trunk on 2920 and port 24 Trunk on 2530 to use all Vlans Question is: what is the best solution to configure access SW 1920 to connect to 2530 to use all vlans to users. 

Note: a lot of Switches 1920 will be connect to 2530 

i want the best solution and config to do on all switches with no problem


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Re: hp solution Help

If your Network Topology places the HP ProCurve 2530 as the real center Switch to which the most of HP OfficeConnect 1920 Switches are connected to you're forced to connect them via single or aggregated uplinks (trunks) to it. Then you just need to permit the necessary VLAN(s) to pass these trunks and you're basically done. Simply.

Other HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switches can still connect to the HPE 2920 in the same way but, important, do not create loops (avoid loops).

Draw your desired Network Topology and you're done (from what you described your Network looks like a star with two centers - the 2920 and the 2530 inter-linked - where some 1920 Switches are going to be connected to the 2530, few others to the 2920).

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