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jl256A ( 2930) connectivity to Ciena 3930

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jl256A ( 2930) connectivity to Ciena 3930


while in the processing of replacing my Procurve 2920 with a new 2930 JL256a a problem has occurred.

our service comes from ATT via Ciena 3930 with a MM fiber handoff.

This has worked reliably to the 2930 with a J4858c SFP.

When the TELCO connection is moved to the new 2930 to des not connect layer 1 (no lights).

The same SFP that was in-service with the 2920 was tried with the same results.

If I use the same SFP and connect from the 2930 to another 2930 all seems OK layer 1

As the cabling and SFP are the same it would seen that there may be a setting I have missed or there is some incompatibility with the 2930 JL256a and the Ciena 3930.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Re: jl256A ( 2930) connectivity to Ciena 3930

Hi Chris,

could you please check whether the MM is a 100Mb/s connection or 1Gb/s?
The 2930 SFP+ ports only support 1/10 Gb/s and cannot down sense to 100 Mb/s.

The J4858C is a 1Gb/s SFP, did you use this in the old switch? 


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Re: jl256A ( 2930) connectivity to Ciena 3930

Thank you for responding

the TELCO connection is 1 Gb/s (and is 1 Gb/s service)

i have tried both the new SFP's (3 of them) and i have tried the original one that was connected to TELCO in the existing 2920 switch. Along with the original fiber connections.

The SFP's are HP.

All works with the 2920 and no layer 1 connectivity with the 2930 (no light)

If i connect the 2929 to the 2930 HP switched it works.

This has me very perplexed.

Any ideas appreciated.