mac lockout

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mac lockout

I have a 4108gl procurve which connects to other managed and unmanaged wich then connect multiple workstations. my problem is one of these workstation automatically assigns itself ip addresses then download huge amount of data. i have tried to execute the lockout-mac command on the 4108gl and to my mo trouble it looks like it is not supported. my request to the forum is help on how to block a mac address on the 4108gl procurve

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Re: mac lockout

port-security a1 address-limit 1 mac-address abcdef-098765 action send-disable


This would authorize the port for that one MAC address and disable it if any other MAC address tried to use the port.


port-security a2 learn-mode static address-limit 1 action send-disable


This would authorize the port for the first MAC address it ever sees and disable it if ever it sees a second MAC address.