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port mirroring on stack

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port mirroring on stack

Hello everyone,

I have two hp 3800 switches working on stack and I want to made a port mirroring which will copy a traffic from few ports on both switches and send throungt one port to some kind of network analyzer. Is this configuration is possible for switches working on stack.


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Re: port mirroring on stack

Yes, it is. (Backplane) Stacking, as deployed on HP/Aruba 3800 Switch series, should not interfere - a part from considering physical interface naming convention (stack member ID/port number, as example: 3/10 instead of only 10 when you designate port 10 of the 3rd stack member) - with port mirroring capabilities.

Please refer to HPE ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide for KA/KB.16.xx (where xx would be 03, 04 or 05) and use latest firmware if possible.

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