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sfp expansion module not working on procurve switch

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sfp expansion module not working on procurve switch

hi all,

i have a faulty module on the back of my switch, i know this as when the switch is on, on the front the mdl light is flashing and on the back module port 1 is flashing

when i take out the module the flashing light goes away and all is normal

i have reset to factory defaults via cli via serial port and also via the reset and clear buttons on the front of the switch

switch - j8693a

module - j9312a

my question is, do you think its a dodgy module?

many thanks


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Re: sfp expansion module not working on procurve switch

Hard to say only knowing HPE 3500-48G-PoE yl Switch (J8693A)'s LED status and/or 10-GbE SFP+ CX4 yl Module (J9312A)'s LED status.

What are the LEDs flashing patterns you are observing?

To better diagnose Switch's hardware status (modules included) would be useful to know, as example, others details like Software Version currently running (K.xx.yy.zzzz) - because some Modules to work need a minimum software version running on the Switch hosting them (the J9312A, as example, requires at minimum K.15.02.0004 or newer) - and the output of some typical diagnostic commands (e.g. show config) or show  other than Switch's logs.

What are the outputs of show flash and show modules details commands?

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