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Re: storm control in 2930F

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storm control in 2930F

hi all,

I,m trying to search in the manuals Storm control for unknown unicast/Multicast traffic.

 i only find fault-filter for broadcast traffic but i cant configure it for unknow unicast/multicast traffic.

Rate-limit command it,s not the  appropriate because Dropps all traffic known/Unknown.


Could you tell me wich is the best manner to configure tis feature.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: storm control in 2930F

ACLs can filter traffic to or from a host, group of hosts or entire subnet. Here is the link to ACL document which might be helpful:



Michael Patmon
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Re: storm control in 2930F

Unknown unicast DA rate limiting is not supported on 2930 (or 2920 or 3810), unfortunately.  I did forward your post to the product line manager to be considered for a future release.