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time and date on procurve switches

New Member

time and date on procurve switches

Hey all,

Several of our procurve switches have the incorrect date and time.  We noticed it after 2 of them crashed.  Is there any reason to think the date and time being incorrect could cause a problem leading to a failure like this?  Or is the only reason to care about the date/time being correct for the sake of accurate logging?  Obviously, we corrected the date and time, but I'm wondering if it is a symptom of something else? or if it can create problems by itself? or if it is nothing to worry about?

Any ideas?



Respected Contributor

Re: time and date on procurve switches

I don't think it's anything to worry about and should not be the cause of a switch crash. I have seen plenty of Procurve switches over the years with incorrect date and time and have never seen any issues besides log entries having wrong time.