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vlan routing between hp2920 and hp 1920 switches

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vlan routing between hp2920 and hp 1920 switches

I am trying to build a network with HP 2920 Sw (stacked) as L3 and 7 Hp 1920 as the access layer.

1, Access layers are all trunked to the L3 stack

2, 3 VLAN's - VLAN 1,5 & 11 with ip interface ip address -- vlan 1 -- vlan 5 -- vlan 11

same vlans created on the access switch.

From  host connected to any switch irrespective of the vlans , all the interfce vlans on the L3 is pingable,

The issue is ..

1, communication between host connected in the same vlan on the same switch

2, one way communication between host on access layer and either access or L3

3, Communication between L3 switch and host either connected to L3 or other access switch.

pointed the default gateway on access switch as below to the default management vlan interface ip.

ip routing enabled on the L3 switch

subnets showing as directly connected networks.

need support.....

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Re: vlan routing between hp2920 and hp 1920 switches


Your questions are not so clear. what is the problem exactly?

If you have the whole config of an access switch and L3 switch, that would also help a lot.


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