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1//8 Autoloader 1760 can't see drive...

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1//8 Autoloader 1760 can't see drive...

Our backups quit working... in trying to resolve that, I notice that Symanted Backup Exec 12.5 started saying something about the Physical Volume was missing.  I closed all of the Symantec services and ran the HP LTT application which immediately says "not all drives were found for xyz autoloader" or something similar.


If I go to "Connection" tab, the autoloader AND the drive are both listed separately.  I can even run some tests under both, but not all tests.  If I bring up the Autoloader, it has "Drive1()" listed under it but it won't let me select that because "it can't be found" but I can select the drive under "Connection".  I am thinking it should be saying something more similar to the actual drive name.


One of the interesting things is that the third test to find the drive is "serial number" which it fails.  When I look at the Drive Information on the OCP or RMI, the drive serial number is now blank.  I don't know if it was always blank or not but I have a feeling that might have something to do with the issues, but I am not sure why!


Any assistance would be appreciate.