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A404/5 error of surestore 818

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A404/5 error of surestore 818

I've got 6 a404/5 errors ( callibration log entry) in the last 60 (during the last two month) backups (I see this with my backupsoftware and the HP utility software ver 2.7).
What have i to do?
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Re: A404/5 error of surestore 818

The A404 error is a tape calibration failure. The drive could not load and calibrate a specific tape. The A405 error is a continuation of the A404 error packet, and can be ignored.

If you change the detail level to 'everything' in the LTT support ticket viewer, you can see some additional information. Here's an example:

Event # 32 - Packet # 88 - Event: A404 {Cal Fail - Log 1} [V51-0 12-JAN-2001] 929:16:48.705 POH/PC= 4762/91
42000B45 83BB0101 00000002 00008005 ....

The field labeled POH is the power-on hours. You can compare this to the current POH to see how far back the error occurred. The additional hex data can tell you which tape it occurred on. Look at the 2nd half of the first
32-bit number, and the 1st half of the second 32-bit number. In this example it is "0B45 83BB". This is an internal media ID. If all your A404 errors happened on one or two tapes, I'd suggest replacing those tapes. Note: the internal media ID does not correspond to any bar code, so you would need to know which tape (via your backupsoftware) reported the particular A404 error.

If the A404 errors happened on many different tapes, then I'd make sure the drive has been properly cleaned recently, if it has been reporting cleaning lights. The errors might also be caused by loading a contaminated tape, in which case cleaning may also help. If contamination is suspected, I'd suggest using a brand new cleaning tape three times in a row. Note: Don't over-clean DLT drives - normally you should clean them only when they request it, but in the case of contamination, this cleaning process may be necessary.

Lastly, you should be on V59 firmware for DLT8000 drive in an 818 autoloader.
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Re: A404/5 error of surestore 818

Hallo,thanks for the rapid assistance. I had a telephone call with the german HP support after i send them the log ticket. They said to me that the temperatur in the streamer was a little bit to high (45??C-49??C) because the write head of the streamer can be damaged. Because the Streamer is still in guarantee period i can the streamer convert.