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Autolaoder DAT 40x6i on Win Server 2003 with ntbackup

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Autolaoder DAT 40x6i on Win Server 2003 with ntbackup


i am a newbie at autoloaders so I would appreciate your help on the following:

I inserted 6 tapes into the magazine of the autoloader and made 2 backups of that system - each 3 tapes big. I called the first backup 1.A and the second 1.B.

Now I want to schedule these backups each night. I used the scheduler of ntbackup and there I configured to use tape 1.A every second day and 1.B all the other days.

The next day I got an error message (in german) saying "Das angeforderte Medium wurde nicht bereitgestellt - Vorgang abgebrochen" - "tape couldn't be initialized - backup aborted" (roughly) after one tape was full.

When I start that backup manually everything works fine (all 3 tapes long)!?

Any ideas?

Tahnks, Joerg Hueddersen