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Autoloader 1/16 1280

Ruba al Omari
Occasional Contributor

Autoloader 1/16 1280

I configured the autolader 1280 with Windows 2000 server, SP3, the problem is that windows see teh superloader as only 1 drive "which it realy has 1 drive" but can't see any of the 16 tapes, there is no changer in the removable storage managment console or in the registry editor, I couldn't install the changer by any mean, and when the backup fnishes the tape in the drive it asks for another tape, and can't see the 8 tapes loaded, even I set it to Random in the web configuration of the super loader, what shall I do? thanks a lot
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Re: Autoloader 1/16 1280

While i am no windows expert, do you have the robotic control on the same SCSI cable as the tape drive? If not, you will not see the control and the software will not be able to get a tape inventory from the library. If it is connected, ensure that the SCSI ID for the tape drive is not the same as that of the robotic control. Most libraries I have seen with have the robotic control and the first tape drive both set to SCSI ID 0.

Also I am assuming that you have a robotic/stacker license for your backup software. I know that this is required for OmniBack, Legato, and Veritas NetBackup. If you do not have that license or it is not active, you will not see a robotic controller and the backup software will assume that the drive it sees is a stand-alone.

If the SCSI IDs are correct for the drive and robotic control and you have the license for robotic control installed, call the backup software vendor. I know that most backup software vendors are well aware of the requirements for setting up most libraries on most server types.
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Re: Autoloader 1/16 1280

Hi there,

We had the same situation, same problem. Here is your solution: you need an extra SCSI card. Attaching it to the external scsi port of your server (we had an DL380) is not supported. Took me some time to figure this out. After installing the PCI SCSI adapter the server sees 2 scsi devices during startup (bios). That's what you want!