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Autoloader 1/9 Arcserve 6.6 for Netware

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Autoloader 1/9 Arcserve 6.6 for Netware

We just intstalled a HP LH3000 with Autoloader 1/9, however, we can't get the server to recognize it. The loader says "LOADER PARTIALLY AVAILABLE" and something about "RMC". The instructions in the Autoloader book are not clear as to where the Autoloader drivers can be found. Does anyone have step by step instructions on setting this autoloader up with Arcserve 6.6 for Netware? Thanks for any help you can give us.
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Re: Autoloader 1/9 Arcserve 6.6 for Netware

1. Partially available needs to be solved first. All of the reasons for this are in the library manual. I don't know what error you are seeing.
2. You will not need any drivers for the library with acrserve.
3. The arcserve manual is a little light on details, but
CA's support group can help you setup the software. First get an overview of what must be done on the server and then on the Windows client.