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Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000

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Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000


I am facing problem in installing Autoloader 1/9 LTO in windows 2000 advanced server the drive gets installed in device manager but cannot see in RSM of windows 2000 ,so i cannot make use of autoloader as backup device ,can anyone help me in this regard.
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Re: Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000

I am also having an issue with the Autoloader 1/9 Ultrium under Win2000 Server.

HPTools verified the library and drive are working. And even downloaded latest scripts and firmware.

But Device Mangler (Manager) shows a "?" for the HP Ultrium 1/1 drive and a "grey" diamond for the MultiTape Library.

Is there a driver for the library and the drive? Windows 2000 Server (SP3) under properties of the device shows unknown or unsigned digital certificates.

The drive/library is attached to a NAS which has an Adaptec 29160 LVD card. using the HP tools, the drive and library seem to communicate fine.

However, Using the BackUp Wizard, it does NOT reconize the library or tape drive. I've tried "Add Hardware" and scan for new hardware changes, but it doesn't help. Help is appreciated.
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Re: Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000

hi there,

i use OB2 as a backup product, but the same info should apply to all.

i think your h/w device is not being correctly identified, so we start at the basics,

under device mgr, you should see
/medium changers/unknown medium changer device
right-click on it and check the bus/target/lun info.

normally this is scsi id 0, and the drive is on the same bus, scsi id 1.

you don't require a driver to be loaded, but the device should be enabled.

for the drive, you do require a driver, do the same thing above & if necessary, theres one on the hp web site for this product.

do you have anything else hanging on this scsi card? what card is it?

also check that the library is running in 'RANDOM' mode, not stacker -- configure this on library front panel.

the drive should appear under 'tape drives', and you can check to see what version of the driver is loaded from here also.

for ARCSERVE, OB2, BEXEC, you can disable the drivers and run as scsi pass-through -- this removes one source of problems.

change device mgr view to 'connections' and find your tape drive. do you see the library on the same card?

check your event viewer for SCSI card errors and let us know what they are

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Mark Wallace
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Re: Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000

I'm seeing similar problems. The device comes up as an unknown medium changer (with the wrong SCSI ID info) and is also listed as an 'other device', though it does recognize it as an Ultrium 1-SCSI device. ARCserve 2000 will write to the device, and seemed to be working fine until it started throwing NT SCSI Port errors and killed my job. Now that job's stuck as 'active' and I can't get my tape engine started again. This LTO and SCSI card were working fine together in a different server earlier. There really are no drivers for these devices for Win2K? The Tape Library Tools show it checks out just fine. I'm using the Adaptec 29160 with the latest drivers on Win2K SP3 running ARCserve 2K SP3 (known issues with SP4 for that product that I'm trying to avoid in troubleshooting this...)

Any ideas on where to begin?
Lewis Finch
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Re: Autoloader 1/9 problem in win2000


If you go to Microsoft's Knowledge base and check out doc number Q248800 you should find everything you need to make this work. I have one and it works flawlessly
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