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Autoloader SSL 1016, Win 2000 and Backup Exec 8.6

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Autoloader SSL 1016, Win 2000 and Backup Exec 8.6


We had an operating HP autoloader ssl 1016 (DLT1) on NT 4.0 server with Backup Exec 8.6 for some time. Hardware was HP LH 3 with an extra Adaptec 2940 u2 card.

In the meantime, drive broke and was replaced with a new one by a qualified tecnician. We were warned that the new drive is not exactly the same as the old one.

We had to reinstall the server into W2000 with Backup Exec 8.6 latest build. The loader works fine under Removable storage in Win, but we can't get to see the library in BE (DLT drive works). We tried all the latest drivers, firmware upgrades, Tape Tools tests, workarounds etc etc without the effect. Every time wehn server starts, there is a pop up message saying that Changer device automatic configuration failed. Altough we found an article describing manual creation and configuring of th elibrary device, it didn't help at all.

We tried installing on the other type of server and scsi card (adaptec 29160) but it didnt help too. Tried replacing the cable etc...

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Re: Autoloader SSL 1016, Win 2000 and Backup Exec 8.6

Everything I can find says the SSL1016 is not supported until Backup Exec 9.0. However the fact that it worked for you on Windows NT and won't on W2K still does not make sense. I would try asking Veritas for configuration help, and maybe see if you can upgrade to BE 9.0 too.