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C5173-7000 reading no barcode

Klaus-P. Mueller
Occasional Visitor

C5173-7000 reading no barcode


we have here a DLT Library 7115w with Firmware 4.06 and no chance in getting the barcodes recognized.
First i tried it with selfmade labels - no way.
Then cleaned the lens of the scanner - noting.
Then purchased the original DLT Barcode-Labels from HP - again no reading.

When the Top of the enclosure is open to watch it perform, you can see it scanning the labels.
In Inventory Check it scans every label one time. After this it takes a second round. This time it scans every tape 5 times in different hights.

In the Menu under 'view bar codes' it shows only the slot numbers but no codes.
In HP library and tape tools and in Backup Exec there are no Barcodes shown.

The whole Lib is working like a charme - but without barcodes!

Perhaps somebody have an hint for me, because i'm running out of ideas and standing short before my jump out of the window ;-)

Thanks a lot - Klaus
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: C5173-7000 reading no barcode

I've poked around in all the notes I have on that product and can't find anything that would explain the problem you are having except a failed barcode reader. The barcode reader used in that product was an off the shelf product and was pretty reliable but there were a few cases of it failing and yours would be pretty old.

There is one step I always take as a last ditch attempt - run the reset to factory defaults option from the front panel. I can't find anything in the defaults settings that would cause barcode reader problems but you never know.

A replacement barcode reader may be available through some used sources if you can find a part number on it. It was used for a lot more than the HP tape library. It isn't too difficult to replace if you are handy at all with tools.
Klaus-P. Mueller
Occasional Visitor

Re: C5173-7000 reading no barcode

Thank you for your fast response.

Resetting to factory defaults was a thing i've already tried. The Scanner is a metrologic ScanQuest is4120 and can be programmed via barcode-scans. Perhaps it lost some essential code. I don't know wether it is programmed via the library on initialization or seperate. If there would only be a possibility to testthis part of the lib seperatly.. It simply drives me crazy to see the scanner doing his red scanning-work without any result.

Looking for a spare part is not so easy. There is no HP part number on it, only a serial number from HP. The most thing i can find are whole used libs, but this would the a rather uncomfortable way to get hands on this tiny scanner :-)
Perhaps you or somebody else has a service manual for this machine by the hand and could either send it via mail or look for the part number of this scanner. This would help me a lot.

Thak you very much