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Can't select tape with DAT40x6

Achilles Calenti
Occasional Contributor

Can't select tape with DAT40x6

I am trying to load my cleaning tape. When I try to select the proper slot to load it from, my front panel says "selectlock" and hitting the load button says "loadlock" Yet I can manually eject the cartridge using the front panel eject button.

This isn't a problem for backups because my backup software (Retrospect 5.6) automatically selects the tape and loads it. But it has no mechanism for loading the cleaning tape and so I have to do that manually.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Can't select tape with DAT40x6

The DAT 40x6 do not have posibility to choose cartridge slot.
To clean the drive, try to empty the media slots.

The solution is chance the autoloader with one of HP robotics liblary, or use Omniback II, may be the solution.

Following the demo version link:
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